Dental Implant Case Study

Dental Implants Mountain ViewDental implant therapy provides you with the long-term solution to reproduce the esthetics and function of your natural teeth. Different designs of implants are available to replace one or more teeth with crowns and fixed partial dentures and totally edentulous mouth with either fixed prostheses or moveable complete dentures.

Case Studys

Single Implant

A young female presented with a missing lower incisor.  We put a single implant-supported crown that replaced the missing tooth with excellent esthetic outcome.

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Multiple Implants

A young male patient presented with a failed upper right bridge result of severe periodontitis (bone loss) around his upper right second molar. The hopeless tooth was extracted and three implants were placed in the healthy alveolar ridge. A implants-supported fixed cantilever bridge was later fabricated to replace the missing teeth.

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Implant-retained Removable Partial Denture

This patient presented with severe gum disease and multiple missing teeth. Multiple implants were placed to provide support for her lower removable denture. After completion of periodontal and implant treatment, an upper complete removable denture and lower implant-retained removable denture were fabricated to re-construct her mouth.

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Immediate Implant

Conventionally implant placement in extraction sockets requires 2 to 3 months of bone remodeling following tooth extraction and an additional 3 to 6 months of load-free healing period. When it is available, immediate implant placement in fresh extraction sockets offers many advantages over conventional implant therapy, such as reduced number of surgical visits, shorter treatment time, preservation of ridge and good esthetic outcome. A female patient presented with a very loose upper left first premolar due to chronic localized severe periodontitis. A single dental implant was placed immediately following an atraumatic tooth extraction using the principle of minimally invasive periodontal surgery. The view of the final implant restoration shows excellent esthetic outcome and functionality.

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Flapless Implant

Flapless implant treatment reduces surgical and healing time and minimize patient postoperative pain by avoiding raising soft tissue flaps. A healthy female patient presented with a missing upper left lateral incisor and was interested in a single-implant-supported fixed crown. Soft tissue can be removed with either a punch (like this case), a scalpel or laser excision. One week postoperative visit demonstrated excellent soft tissue without any discomfort.  The view of the final implant-supported fixed crown shows excellent esthetic outcome and functionality.

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3D Imaging and CT Scan-Guided Implant Surgery

Our office routinely uses cone-beam CT technology for our implant patients. Cone beam CT technology for implant therapy has following advantages:

  • CT scan technology helps us evaluate pathologic lesions of patient’s jaws, morphology and quality of jaw bone and locations of vital structures, such as maxillary sinuses, nasal cavities and nerve canals.
  • Cone-beam CT scanners have significantly lower radiation exposure than hospital grade CT scanners.
  • Implant virtual planning programs reconstruct 3D virtual models and allow us to plan implants placement before patient’s appointments.
  • CT-based surgical guides dramatically improve surgical precision, shorten surgical time, reduce post-operative pain and swelling and make it possible to restore implants at the same surgical visit.

The patient’s chief complaints were missing multiple teeth and a failed lower right fixed bridge.

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