“I had a chance to observe the practice of Dr. Wu, as a dental school applicant. Many dental schools require job shadowing now. He seemed to have liked my resume and gave me the observing opportunity. Dr. Wu is a very smart, empathetic and incredibly skilled periodontist. He makes surgical procedures look very easy. I was amazed at how quick and skilled his hands were. His suturing ended up being very neat and perfect. His competence seems to breed his patients’ confidence in him. The patients all seem to trust him, appreciate his work and go home happy. Two patients even thanked me even though I had only watched. He also explains patients’ options well. He is a kind generous person. His practice is also very modern with the latest equipment. Members of the staff are very friendly, too. Dr. Nita Chainani-Wu is amazing as well. She specializes in oral medicine. I’ve observed her providing diagnosis and treatment for some of the most common adverse conditions in the mouth such as ulcers occuring due to various causes including infections. Some patients had suffered needlessly until they visited this office. Dr. Chainani-Wu is incredibly smart and knowledgeable in addition to being very kind. She seems to genuinely pride herself on giving her patients the best treatment possible. I’ve seen her obliterate leukoplakia (which untreated could gradually turn into cancer) with laser and it was an amazing feat. It seemed like a pretty easy procedure for the patient, taking less than an hour in the office. If you have suspicious whitish or reddish changes in your mouth, you should visit her.”

Eddie J.
Santa Clara, CA

“My husband and I have been going to Dr Wu’s clinic since 2002. He’s an awesome periodontist. While most people dread appointments with the dentist, I find myself looking forward to it because I enjoy my conversations and the laughter with Dr Wu. His staff – Clare and Kelly are also extremely helpful. Clare has worked with me on insurance issues on multiple occasions. I would absolutely recommend Dr Wu’s clinic!”

M J.
San Carlos, CA

“I came to Dr. Wu for an implant; I really needed more than one, but he understood that my financial situation allowed only one, and worked with me to place the implant, with which I’m totally satisfied. I agree completely with the previous reviewer that he is not only an excellent and highly qualified periodontist, but also a warm and gentle person, which for me is very important when I’m in the dentist’s chair.

Barbara C.
Mountain View, CA

I first visited Dr. Wu back in 2004. Now I see him regularly (2-3 times per year) for teeth cleaning, and he consistently does an excellent job. I had too many bad memories from visiting other dentists. I trust Dr. Wu 100%. His staff are very friendly and helpful too.

cg w.
Sunnyvale, CA

I highly recommend Dr. Timothy Wu, DMD. He is excellent, always taking the time to patiently and thoroughly explain his procedures with warmth, intelligence, wit and kindness. His staff are very kind and knowledgeable as well. Despite all the pain ordinarily associated with dental appointments, Dr. Wu is a gentleman in every sense. He is not only an expert in his field, but also seems to be a very well-rounded human being. Would that every dentist could be as good as Dr. Wu is. He rates an A+ in my book.

Matthew G.
Sunnyvale, CA